Magi Application Note

Jade - Identifying jade type and possible polymer impregnation

Apr. 29. 2013 Mikko Åström & Alberto Scarani

Raman spectroscopy is a fast method for separating jadeite from other jade types, including omphacite and nephrite. In many cases it is possible to identify resin impregnation in order to differentiate A-type from B-type jadeite.
TIP: Some jadeites may exhibit very strong fluorescence masking Raman features when initially exposed to green laser. This fluorescence may be reduced by using the built-in Photo-Bleaching feature of GemmoRaman software. Usually a less than one minute photo-bleaching procedure reduces general fluorescence enough for allowing better resolution of Raman peaks. Unfortunately, some jadeite samples does not react to Photo-Bleaching. In this case it is suggested to try other spots on the sample.


Danilo Bersani, Pier Paolo Lottici: Applications of Raman spectroscopy to gemology, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2010)

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